Bitty & Beau, Charleston SC

This remarkable business is making it’s way to Charleston to continue the amazing tradition that has received national attention since it’s inception.  Bitty and Beau’s is more than just a coffee shop, it’s an institution that is built around providing a meaningful work environment that integrates people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) into their community.

Founded in 2016, the organization now employees over 40 people with IDD and is planning to expand their operation to Charleston!  We could not be more excited for their success and are delighted that they picked Charleston as their new home.

Radekopf & Associates is proud to maintain our committement to charitable causes like Bitty & Beau’s and are working to secure a new commercial space for this truly special and worthy organization.  As you know, the Charleston real estate market (even the commercial side) is extremely strong at the moment, and that means that inventory is low.

Bitty & Beau’s have been actively looking and Radekopf is on the search to help them find the perfect location.  We are thinking this may be in a sleeper location possibly in the upper Meeting Street or rapidly growing neck extension of downtown- but we want to hear from you!  Where could you see this unique business planting roots in Charleston?  If you have any ideas or know of a suitable commercial space that could make this dream a reality, please call Steve Radekopf at (843) 579-2217

Check out the Bitty & Beau’s official video here:

Bitty & Beau’s Video

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