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Meet Andy

Andy's HeadshotAndy Fallen is a licensed commercial real estate agent specializing in the sale and acquisition of restaurants, bars, and cafes. His passion for hospitality stems from 30 plus years of operational experience in the restaurant industry.

Andy moved to Charleston from New York in 1996 and immediately plugged into the local restaurant scene. He helped to open/operate some of Charleston’s most popular restaurants, including…

  • Peninsula Grill
  • Hank’s Seafood
  • Rue De Jean
  • Coast
  • Mercato
  • Rutledge Cab Co.

Peninsula Grill (1997) and Hank’s Seafood (1999) were both named one of America’s Best New Restaurants by Esquire Magazine.
Andy has been instrumental in many successful dining concepts, but having lived in France as a child, Rue De Jean was his passion project… Some of his fondest memories are of helping his French mother to entertain high-society guests around the dining table. Rue De Jean opened in 2001, and many industry insiders expected the concept and the location to fail. The location was risky, but the restaurant was wildly successful. Within 10 years the north end of King Street hand been completely transformed by an influx of bars, restaurants and nightlife.

Find the Right Space (or Buyer) for Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, location isn’t everything, but it does need to be right. The “right” location is one that compliments your business concept and creates a positive customer experience without blowing the budget. Contact Andy to find the right space for your business or the right buyer for a business that you already own.


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